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Impact of uncertainty on flow measurement

Start Date:1/26/2022

Start Time:2:00 PM GMT

Duration:60 minutes


No measurement is ever completely exact; there is always a degree of doubt about its accuracy. This degree of doubt is quantified by the uncertainty. The effects of measurement uncertainty manifest themselves across all industrial sectors, resulting in significant financial exposure. In the field of flow measurement, measurement uncertainty is particularly important when the fluid being metered is of high value where small errors in flow measurement could potentially cost the operator large amounts of money.

Our webinar will tackle these points, focusing on:
  • Basic uncertainty theory
  • Types of uncertainty
  • Uncertainty calculations
  • Practical examples

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Dale Anderson

Gas Networks Lead


Dale Anderson is a Clean Fuels Engineer working for TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, where his primary focus is on understanding the flow measurement challenges for hydrogen, carbon dioxide and liquefied natural gas. Since joining the organisation he has been involved in various projects related to the design and uncertainty assessment of physical testing facilities.
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